LaneRow are SIP design and build specialists

From extensions and new build projects to garden rooms

LaneRow is a small company set up by two enthusiastic designers and builders, Paul and Simon. Paul has been building and renovating property in the Alps for the last 15 years and brings an Alpine and European aspect to the design and build methods of our projects. The alpine buildings have to be built and insulated to the highest standards which is how we build our SIPs buildings. Simon has over 10 years of project management and is a qualified design engineer, and is the best person to guide you through your bespoke building design, which makes every single of our projects unique. With several large bespoke projects for private clients over the last 5 years, LaneRow is a fresh new build company which focuses SIPs technology for garden rooms and extensions. LaneRow are happy to give free consultations for any clients looking to build a modern bespoke dream garden room or extension. Please go to our contact page to arrange a meeting or feel free to call us.

What are SIPs?

SIP stands for Structurally Insulated Panel, this consists of 2 sheets of strong wood with an insulative core. This is made into panels from 100mm thick to 300mm thick and when designed to form a building, slots together to create a strong and highly insulated structure. All of our garden rooms use SIPs panels for the floors, roof and walls, we then clad the building in a wood and style of your choice. To obtain a similar insulation level with traditional bricks and mortar, the walls would need to be approximately 400mm thick. Most of our SIPs garden rooms and offices are better insulated than the house they sit next to! SIPs are now being used to construct houses and commercial buildings and will become more common place due to the need for buildings to become more efficient and save on heating costs. SIPs are a cost effective, environmentally friendly construction material which have lower build times than any other method.

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LaneRow offers a complete build service.