SIPs construction is the method which we feel will become a standard for future UK building. From houses to garden rooms and extensions, the SIPs form a strong, light, construction. When built properly they will create an airtight, hyper insulated building, damp free and needing little heating in the winter months.

LaneRow are specialists in building design, and SIPs building erection. We design in house, and send our cut lists to various SIPs suppliers. We design and make our own structural timber, and we build the final design to our high standard.
LaneRow use a minimum of 100mm SIPs floor and walls. Then a 150mm SIPs roof. This combined with our own structural design and expert erection means we produce one of the best SIPs buildings on the market.

The insulation (U-values) are second to none and the airtight structure means that SIPs building are super efficient and consume little energy to heat.

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