SIPs structural kit garden room project in Woking

LaneRow SIPs buildings, delivered and built the structure and a water tight roof, for a 30m2 fully insulated garden room, built without the need for planning. 1.2m screw pile foundation, no concrete was used. LaneRow always use a SIPs floor to properly insulate your building.

Highly insulated garden room, built to high U-Values standards. A Rubber roof finished the building structure and the SIPs structure was covered in a breather membrane.

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Please read our client feedback

”We contracted LaneRow to build us a large garden room. They are really nice people and were an excellent company to deal with on so many levels. I designed the building myself in a 3D design program which they took and checked over before preparing it for manufacturing. They were happy to work with me this way but equally could have designed it for me from scratch. We discussed every aspect in great detail before committing and this gave me the confidence to go ahead with the project. Communication was very good throughout, once on site they always kept to their timeframe and were totally reliable. I now have a bespoke garden room that I am absolutely delighted with. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others”